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Have you noticed more body aches lately?

Not many of us are checking into our bodies lately. With our concerns about our job security, financial futures, what to do with the kids (or grandkids!) during the upcoming fall semester, and our worries about our loved one's health and safety, it's no wonder we're not checking into our bodies! And let's not even bring in the stress from working at home with all the distractions and the strain in our relationships! It's just easier to close our eyes, push through this challenging season, and hope when we open our eyes again that this nightmare of stress and uncertainty is over!!!

But stress has all kinds of effects on us and our bodies. It causes us to tense our muscles, causing more headaches, neck and upper shoulder pain, tightening in the upper back, lower back pain. It causes emotional strain, which takes away our patience, our tolerance towards others, and our natural resiliency to manage the ups and downs of our "new normal". We might find that we snap at others faster, roll our eyes more, shake our heads and just walk away.

What if we could build ourselves a little extra padding. I don't mean the COVID-19 extra pounds that we have gained through stress eating. I mean the little extra padding of space inside of us that helps to unwind our clenched stomach, making us a little more tolerant of our spouse or significant other, giving us a little more time before snapping at the kids, and puts a little spring in our step again. What if instead of closing our eyes and pushing through this season, we can feel grounded again, and are able to stand in the ocean as the waves move around us, without being knocked all around, side to side, by the tides? What if we can feel peace again, even now?

Craniosacral therapy can do that for you. A very gentle technique using very light pressure, it calms the nervous system, thereby relieving us of our overactive fight-or-flight response. Without that response, we can re-discover peace, develop resiliency again, and re-gain our clarity, clearing our minds of that endless chatter, and allow us to think clearly again.Without all the physical effects of being in fight-or-flight, we can finally relax the shoulders, the back, the neck, and experienced decreased pain, which is a whole difference kind of chatter in our heads!!

Call me to set up your first appointment, and let's get you some relief from all that "chatter" in your head, be it pain or stress chatter. We still have a ways to go in our COVID experience. Let's start fighting back and reclaiming our lives! You'll never know how good you can feel again unless you take that first step!

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