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The air is clearing! Let's get out there and move again!

Finally! The air is clearing, the temperatures are moving down, and there is a sense of change coming. Fall is just around the corner - one of my favorite seasons!

After being inside, first, because of COVID, then because of the heat, and then the air quality, it's easy for us to become complacent and fall into the habit of not exercising. But - things are changing! And what better time to get out there and stretch our legs and our lungs. The sky is blue, the leaves are turning yellow, the sun is warm and the air cool. So let's get out there and enjoy it!

Check out the article below about all the benefits you experience from just walking outside .

And if you find you start feeling those aches and pains from walking too much, give me a call to get fixed up and ready for the next venture outdoors and into nature! Start working out and build on your fitness level day by day. It's time to reclaim our health and fitness!


Best Regards,

Margaret E. Woodward, MS, PT, CST

Hope Physical Therapy Lakewood


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