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What to do with Jaw Pain/ TMJ pain?

So many of us suffer from jaw pain from dental work, sports injuries, or motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Benjamin Shield, Ph.D., describes the role of Craniosacral Therapy in treating Jaw Pain, also called temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain in his article entitled "The Symbiotic Partnership of Dentistry and Cranjosacral Therapy" in 1998.

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch modality to correct restrictions between the cranial bones by treating the underlying membranes that are part of the dural structure of the brain and spinal cord. The mouth and jaw are a jigsaw puzzle of perfectly fitting bones organized in a way to allow for speech, eating, swallowing. When we have dental work, be it orthodontia, or teeth pulled/ cleaned, our jaw is open for what seems like hours, creating a strain on the joint of our jaw, and affecting the small muscles inside our mouths. This can lead to headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain. Craniosacral therapy is a great adjunct to any dental work to ensure that our teeth fit well, with proper occlusion, during dental work and that our jaw is assessed and treated for proper alignment - and pain relief!

Motor vehicles can also affect our jaw, along with our necks. When we are "rear-ended" by another vehicle, our body continues to move forward, leaving our head behind as we brace against the steering wheel with our arms. Our head stays behind our moving body, creating a quick and sudden extension in the neck, as it is thrown backwards against the head restraint. The quick and hard force of this action does not allow for the muscles in the front of the neck to relax in time. These muscles anchor the lower jaw, and as the head is thrown back, the lower jaw is held downward, leaving us with an open mouth. This is followed by the "whipping" motion as the head is thrown forward and the jaw is forced closed again with high velocity. This causes a "mandibular whiplash", as well as a neck whiplash. We are left with neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, and perhaps even low back pain.

Craniosacral is a wonderful, gentle treatment to help with the aches and pains of both mouth work and car accidents, that affect our jaw function and creat headaches and pain.

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