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Why start my own business? Timing is everything !

I have been blessed in my life, with a career I love and a family I adore. Raising my two daughters while working part time was daunting, but I loved it! I was able to have my two passions - family and work - and hopefully I was successful with both jobs!

In the summer of 2014, I became quite ill. My dreams of continuing into my next phase of life, healthy and successfully serving others, were quickly becoming shadows of what they once were. Spending more time in bed than out of it became a normal routine before work, after work, and over the weekends. It was not a life I planned on, nor one that had much hope for me in the future. In December of 2014, I was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile/ insulin dependent) diabetes. Autoimmune diseases run in my family, but we all thought that I had passed the possible onset date. Unfortunately, adult onset of Type 1 diabetes is becoming more common and even has its own name now: LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults).

As my daughters left home for college and beyond, I was left with a new physiological limit - fatigue. I had never known true fatigue, but have clients who suffer from it. I learned about how difficult it is to live a full life with limitations. I had to do a lot of resting, reading, meditating and praying on how I might manage this new reality. My first discovery was I did not want to be an "empty nester" from my bed. My second discovery was I would not be able to work my same hours and serve my clients with the same high quality that I expected from myself. The answer was to start my own business

Reading from Jeff Caliguire's wonderful book, Habits of Hope, I read, studied, and journaled on each chapter. That book walked me through each step and led me out of where I was and into a new future, a new expectation, a new journey. It gave me hope - hence the name of my business. I developed hope for a new balance, between my personal and professional lives, balancing my passion for service to others while caring for myself.

This life is fast paced and often is busier than our "natural" pace. I love what I do and love to help others through to the other side, whether it be through pain, dysfunction, stress, or balance . It is an honor to walk next to someone during a difficult time of life - we meet only for a moment, during our life's journey, but we both leaved changed for the better.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” - Ferris Buehler


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