Pricing Schedule

  • Tune ups - For established patients who want  VIP Access to a physical therapy for “Quick Fixes”.

    • Initial Evaluation = $125

    • Unlimited, as needed appointments (up to 30-minutes)  = $50 each;

    • Description :  for recent discomforts of your Weekend Warrior activities, or  Strains/Pains of daily life activities;

    • Treatments may include Trigger point dry needling, Joint alignment, Localized soft tissue techniques, or  Quick educational pointers)


  • The “Full Treatment”  - Comprehensive/ detailed Initial evaluation, reviewed with you,  with weekly follow up treatments.

    • Initial Evaluation = $125

    • 60- minute weekly  follow up appointments = $100.

    • Description -    Appropriate for:

      • Chronic orthopedic pain patterns involving the neck, mid back, low back, pelvis, hips, and/or  nerve pain;

      • Pain patterns that are frequently interfering with your life or preventing you from moving forward in your life;  

      • History of motor vehicle accidents and/ or major falls;  

      • Those who did not receive the expected outcome from the previous courses of physical therapy

    • Follow up appointments may include:   Gentle joint alignment, Fascial releases,  Manual Traction techniques, Trigger point dry needling; Craniosacral Therapy; Pelvic  Floor Therapy; Education/Counseling regarding self-management.

  • Stress relieving  sessions- Craniosacral Therapy

    • 60-90 minutes Craniosacral Therapy to relieve tensions, balance your body, improve resiliency to  life’s stressors. Take an hour out of your busy day and treat yourself to some Tender Loving Care!

    • Treatments = $100-$125


  • Pelvic Floor Therapy - Pelvic pain and Urinary Incontinence

    • Initial Evaluation = $125

    • 60- 90 minute Follow up appointments = $100-125

    • 45- minutes follow up appointment = $85   (not recommended for pelvic pain)


3-Visit Package:    $ 270 (10% off)

5- Visit Package:   $ 425 (15% off)

10- Visit Package: $ 800 (20% off)

* only available for The Full Treatment

No Insurance accepted but can provide invoice for submitting to insurance submission

No Medicare patients accepted, except  for trigger point dry needling