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       Your Initial Evaluation will be comprehensive, diagnostic and  with an emphasis on YOU, as a whole person,  with YOUR goals in  mind.  My goal is to help you find solutions to those symptoms that have been nagging at you, that haven't yet resolved, or that are keeping you from enjoying  your life.  I help you develop your "healing team" and am happy to work with your other team members as we focus on getting you back into your life again.



       Follow up appointments help you  move  through your healing period.    In our fast- paced lifestyles, we tend to forget that the body does not heal at a faster rate; it heals at its own speed but can move more quickly through its processes as the barriers to healing are identified and addressed.  What the body needs to move forward will change frequently, and your follow up appointments need to change as your body does.  Therefore,  each treatment is tailored to what your body needs  each particular day, on your individual healing time line. 



3-Visit Package:    $ 270 (10% off)

5- Visit Package:   $ 425 (15% off)

10- Visit Package: $ 800 (20% off)

No Insurance accepted :

I am happy to  provide a billing invoice for submitting to your insurance  or health saving account on request

No Medicare patients accepted

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**60-75 minutes  - $100**

  ** 90 minute evaluation = $125 **