“I began seeing Margaret several years ago after being diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. In just a few weeks I felt better, and eventually my symptoms completely disappeared. She helped me return to  a level of health and vitality that I never thought possible. As a physical therapist myself, I was very impressed with Margaret’s knowledge, skill, professionalism, and compassion. She truly is a gifted healer, and I highly recommend her!”

Cheryl Ilov

Author of "Forever Fit and Flexible....Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond"

Speaker, Consultant, Host of The FemiNinja Show





I have struggled with chronic pain for many years and have seen Margaret often to help manage my pain levels.  She is an excellent practitioner using many skills and approaches to the body.  However, her greatest skill is as a compassionate and caring person who helps bring wholeness to the mind, body and soul. She cares deeply about helping your body and your overall well being.  I highly recommend you have Margaret in your sphere of care!! 



I suffer from a musculoskeletal situation that is very unique and not in the textbooks. I tried a number of physical therapists prior to finding Margaret and she is the ONLY one who was able to totally understand what was happening to me. I depend heavily on her excellent skill set to help manage my pain and mobility issues. I highly recommend Margaret to anyone needing help and especially those who haven’t found relief with other therapists.


C. C.